Susan Williamson met her first horse at the age of six–a black and white pony named Jimmy John. Her first recognition for writing was being chosen to read her poem about spring and newborn foals at the annual spring concert.

Since then, many horses and many words have crossed her path. Williamson holds a BS degree in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky and an MS degree in Animal Science from the University of California, Davis.

She has worked as an extension agent, a newspaper editor, a riding instructor,  an educator and a food coop manager. Whatever she was doing and wherever she was living, horses and writing were part of her life.

She met her husband, Wallace, at a horse show and their daughter’s first word was “horse.” Are you seeing a theme here?

Her first novel, a thriller, Turkmen Captives, was published in 2015. It was reissued as Desert Tail in 2018 by Blue Fortune Enterprises.  A sequel to this novel, Tangled Tail was released in 2018.   Her second novel, a cozy mystery, Dead on the Trail,  came out in 2016, with a sequel, Dead in the Loft, published in 2020.

A children’s book, The Riding Lesson, was published in 2018 with C.J. McGannon as illustrator by High Tide Publications.  She is the author of Buying Your First Horse: Making an Informed Choice, and How to Write Family Stories.

Williamson is a contributor to Next Door Neighbors Magazine and Tidewater Women. Her work can also be seen in the anthology Taking Flight, Winston Salem Writers Contest Winners and New South. She is the former editor of The Edmonton Herald-News and a former freelance reporter for The Weekly Independent and The Barren County Progress. She is a former program chair and board member of Chesapeake Bay Writers. She is also a member of the Virginia Writers Guild and a member and former board member of Winston-Salem Writers.

When not writing, reading or horsing around, Williamson enjoys grandparenting, gardening, travel, museums, swimming and volunteering through Faith in Action. Along with her husband and Labradoodle, Susan lives in Williamsburg, VA.

Glimpses of a Public Ivy was released December 6 and is now available from me as well as the William & Mary Bookstore, Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Glimpses of a Public Ivy: 50 Years at William & Mary is also now available as an audiobook narrated by Lee Riley of Voice of Riley.  



It’s a good thing my parents didn’t name me Grace. My latest example of being “not
grace” occurred in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, certainly a place for grace. Since our visit occurred during Covid restrictions, I was careful to have my vaccination record and ID in hand. Once that passed muster, we were herded to the purse/bag checking station.

I will first tell you that it was a cold, half rain-half snow day. So, I had my all-weather
hooded coat on, with the hood up. Because we were in the big city, I had the shoulder strap of my purse over my head and resting on my left shoulder while the purse was secured on my right side. Then I had wrapped my thick wooly scarf around my neck, over the coat and tied it.

I reached to pull my purse off my shoulder and managed to pull my scarf over my face,
the purse strap now entangled in the scarf and coat hood. Fortunately, the purse checkers had a sense of humor. “Do we need 911?” One asked. The second replied, “Maybe the jaws of life.” And, “It’s okay, we’ve got you.”

In an earlier year, I might have died of embarrassment, but having lived my graceless life
so long, I only began to laugh. Eventually I was untangled and lived to see the glory of the Met.

Urban Homesteading

We no longer live on ten, fifty, one hundred or three hundred acres—all past situations. We now live in a duplex with a very small yard. But that situation hasn’t stopped us from growing some of our own food. After determining that the east side of our house received at least six hours of sun …

Book Signings

I will be signing books this Sat, May 8 at Books, Beads and More in Mechanicsville, VA.

I hope to see everyone there!!!!