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Glimpses of Public Ivy
A behind-the-scenes collection of vignettes, as told by a professor of four decades, shares the story of life at America’s second-oldest college from 1950 to 2000.

Learn about the remarkable students, faculty, administrators, and alumni who helped bring William & Mary into the 21st century. This compilation of over 50 colorful stories, each accompanied by original illustrations, includes extraordinary achievement, humorous incidents, unique characters, and memories of day-to-day life at the historic university. Holmes uses his own experiences as a professor, along with interviews from alumni and staff, to paint a detailed, fond, and rich picture of this era, which will inspire and amuse anyone with ties to William & Mary. 

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The Riding Lesson
Sadie has always wanted a horse, but it never happened. Today is her birthday—and something a surprise is in store. This delightful illustrated book includes bonus coloring pages for all horse lovers.

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Dessert Tail: Formerly published as Turkmen Captives
Afghanistan war widow Madelaine Jones is awakened by a phone call before her home explodes. She escapes on horseback, then finds a mysterious letter implying her husband did not die as she thought. She searches three continents for the truth.

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Dead on the Trail
Molly and John Lewis are living their dream on a North Carolina horse farm until John leaves to judge a horse show, the help calls in sick and Molly finds a body on the trail. Can she find the killer before friends are charged or the killer finds her?

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Tangled Tail
When Irish Garda agent contacts Madelaine Jones for a case involving diamond smuggling via horses, she is more than ready to help. But the smuggling morphs into international news planting, murder and more.

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Dead in the Loft
John and Molly Lewis have moved to work for a big show barn in the Carolinas, everyone leaves for a show, except for the body in the loft.

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Buying Your First Horse
How to Make an Informed Choice: Horses are expensive and they can live a long time. This guide helps the would-be horse owner to consider all the options, and to definitely “Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth.”

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How to Write Family Stories
Whether for a book or an email, this step- by- step guide helps you to chronicle family history and stories for you, your descendants or posterity.

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