Always Marketing

Our sweet mare, Sunset’s Lydia, suffers from a metabolic disorder known as PSSM. This means she must get most of her energy from fats and proteins as opposed to carbs. A horse Keto diet. When we were attending a horse show in Raleigh, North Carolina, we realized we were out of alfalfa pellets which she eats with canola oil as a part of her regular diet.

So, we headed to the nearest feed store to the show grounds. Now, change of subject, but not really. We live in Williamsburg, Virginia, the home of William & Mary. Neither of us attended the esteemed school, but when we moved here, a friend gave my husband a W&M shirt. I laughingly suggested he wear the shirt while we were in Raleigh to help promote the book about the college which I recently edited.

Within a few miles of the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, we found an old- time feed and hardware store, complete with pot-bellied stove and a cadre of gentlemen gathered around it. When one of the men rang up our order, he asked my husband if he had attended W&M. My husband, being ever helpful, said, “No, but my wife just edited a book all about life at the college.”

I then told the gentleman that the book was available for pre-order and wrote the title on one of my business cards. Turns out he had lots of ancestors from Williamsburg and was interested in anything to do with William & Mary.

You never know what opportunities and connections await. Be ready.